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Trend Alert! Layering Necklaces

  • Oct 27 2014
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Layering necklaces, like layering clothes, is an art form. First we had arm candy where you layer bracelets and watches, now layering necklaces has been labeled as a jewelry trend of 2014. With the right proportions and styles you can really enhance any outfit. Let’s look at some of the styles.

Delicate Necklaces

Simple but cute. The delicate layered necklace look is something to wear to work or can be wore with a simple outfit. With dainty and delicate pieces you want to use different pieces such as linear or circular pieces. Make sure the necklaces are an 1 ½” apart so they won’t become tangled.

Chunky Necklaces

Make a statement with layered chunky necklaces. You want to take necklaces that you would normally use as a single statement necklace and pair them together. You can also pair chunky pieces with delicate pieces for an added sense of style. Length is important, you want to make sure that the necklaces aren’t laying on top of each other. Remember it must be a layered effect.

Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces could be a difficult thing to do. But with anything practice makes perfect. If you are not sure if you’re pairing your necklaces correctly you can always purchase necklaces that have already don’t the job for you. Find a necklace that has different colors, metals, shapes, and sizes and show a layering effect and Voila, you’ve got yourself a layered necklace.

Things to Remember

1. Proportion is key.

2. Color doesn’t usually matter.

3. Pair necklaces that have different shapes/pendants.

4. It is okay to mix metals and mix metal tones (gold with silver or silver with gun mental)

5. Don’t be afraid to mixing textures (leather with braided cords or metal with cord).

6. When all else fails, buy a layered necklace.

7. And most importantly do everything with confidence and fun. Fashion is all about having fun and being confident in yourself.

Summer Trend Aviator Sunglasses

  • Jul 7 2014
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If you do not have a pair of these Aviator Sunglasses, then you need to get you a pair. The sunglasses that everyone is rocking this summer has made a bold statement in the fashion world.

From it's shiny lenses, to its different shapes, to its color, these babies can go with anything. Check out some of the styles we offer at a low price.

Check out some of your favorite stars rocking their Aviator Sunglasses.

Trending Topic: Mid Finger Rings

  • May 24 2013
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A new trend has taken us by storm and it currently has us obsessed! Fashion junkies are calling it Mid Finger Rings, or Midi Rings, or even Knuckle Rings. But whatever it’s called we are loving them. These are smaller rings that are worn above your knuckle and are sometimes paired with many others and as well as with regular rings. These rings make your manicure stand out and your fingers look longer (if you having that sort of issue). They always cause a stir and people on the street adore them when I wear them out. Worn by the fashionable Rihanna and many more artist and actresses, it’s time for you to get in on the fun. Found a ring that you LOVE but it doesn’t come in a Midi Ring? TREND TIP: Purchase a ring that is about 3 sizes smaller than you normal ring finger. This will assure you that it will fit tightly and securely above your knuckle. Or if you have an old ring you can no longer fit, or even a ring you’ve cherished since you were a little girl, those can also be used as Midi Rings. =)  And of course we always got you covered here. Purchase them at our SHOP. So affordable and cute! 

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